How Christians helped bring reconciliation in Northern Ireland

December 12, 2018

A new documentary is exploring reconciliation in Northern Ireland from the perspective of Christians who lost loved ones during The Troubles. The Kickstarter-funded Guardians of the Flame film was inspired by Lord Rabbi Sacks' words: "Religion is like fire and like fire it warms, but it also burns. We are the guardians of the flame." In this episode Premier Christianity's editor Sam Hailes talks to the film's producer and presenter Jonny Clark about justice, forgiveness and the complicated role Christians have played in both conflict and peacemaking in Northern Ireland. 

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David Crowder on beards, ghosts and stealing food

November 12, 2018

Everyone's favourite bearded worship leader chats with Sam Hailes about his new album I Know a Ghost.

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Asia Bibi, Andrew Brunson & Ashers // What every Christian needs to know about Hebrew

November 1, 2018

After years spent in a Pakistani prison awaiting a death sentence for the crime of blasphemy, Asia Bibi is finally free. James Mildred joins Premier Christianity's editor Sam Hailes to discuss this story, plus two other significant religious freedom cases which have dominated headlines in recent weeks. Plus, the writer of this month's cover story on '5 Hebrew words every Christian should know', Melissa Briggs explains how the ancient language revolutionised her walk with God. 

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Franklin Graham visits the UK // Elfed Godding on 19 years at Evangelical Alliance in Wales // Liz Grier: Diary of a church planter

October 3, 2018

The son of the world's most famous evangelist, the late Billy Graham visited Blackpool last month and saw hundreds make commitments to Christ. Premier's head of news Marcus Jones was at Franklin Graham's Festival of Hope and shares his reflections not only on the event, but on his recent interviews with this somewhat controversial leader. Plus, as Elfed Godding finishes his 19 year stint heading up the Evangelical Alliance in Wales, we talk to him about the highs and lows of his ministry thus far and Liz Grier shares her open and honest perspective about pioneering a congregation for unchurched young people in Devon. 

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Adrian Warnock: Holding onto hope in the midst of Leukaemia

August 23, 2018

16 months ago the popular Christian author and blogger Adrian Warnock was diagnosed with a slow growing form of blood cancer. In this candid interview, Adrian opens up about how his faith has been tested since receiving the news, what he thinks about healing and why he believes every Christian must prepare for times of suffering. 

Plus, the Christian musician and singer-songwriter Paul Bell subjects himself to a barrage of silly questions as part of our new series of 'Quick Fire!' interviews. 

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Live Q&A at Refuel Festival with Andy Bannister, Bruxy Cavey & Fred Drummond

August 3, 2018

Does the Bible teach predestination? How can we best reach out to our Muslim friends? Why does God seem so violent in the Old Testament?

These are just a few of the many questions hurled at three Christian speakers in a live Q&A during Refuel Festival in the Highlands of Scotland. Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes was there and recorded the hour-long conversation. Hear it in full on this special edition of the podcast.

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Rachel Held Evans: I find Jesus’ words incredibly disruptive and disconcerting

July 27, 2018

On this week's show Rachel Held Evans introduces her new book on the Bible, responds to the claim she's "the most polarising woman in evangelicalism" and explains the strengths of writing as a layperson, rather than an academic. Rachel, who grew up in America's Bible Belt, believes Christians need to stop treating biblical interpretation as a "zero sum game where there are winners and losers", instead opting to view scripture as "a conversation starter". 

In the second part of today's show, our editor Sam Hailes takes a peek inside the oldest Methodist building in the world. The New Room in Bristol has recently been rennovated and now houses John Wesley's chapel as well as a museum and archive. 

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Jordan B Peterson // Is the Pope a Catholic? // The world’s first Spotify-funded worship album

July 18, 2018

Who is Jordan B. Peterson and why is he attracting such a huge audience? Justin Brierley met the man himself and reports back on his first impressions of the Canadian psychologist who is taking the world by storm. Plus our deputy editor Megan Cornwell explains how the Pope's comments on divorce and communion are causing a stir in the Vatican. Finally, Sam Hailes meets worship leader Tom Eccleshall to discuss KXC's debut worship album, which was part funded by Spotify!

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The Rob Bell interview: Losing his audience, finding a new one and why he’s still preaching

June 18, 2018

Rob Bell has gone from being a megachurch pastor to talking about Ecclesiastes in LA's comedy clubs. 

In one sense nothing has changed. In another sense everything has.

There's a "massive world of people who are spiritually hungry", he says, "but they can't stomach the Christian packaging they've encountered around Jesus". 

Enter: the new Rob Bell. Few would consider him part of the Christian mainstream. Yet he's reaching a new audience with an ancient message. 

In this interview with Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes, Rob opens up about his views on church, explains why the sermon is an art form and answers questions about his definition of the Gospel.

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Mike Pilavachi: Why we’re closing Soul Survivor and what the future holds

June 12, 2018

The founder of Soul Survivor drops in this week to explain the full story behind Soul Survivor's shock announcement that their summer festivals will end after 2019. Mike goes into detail on how this decision came about and says he's confident that other Christian organisations will fill the gap and run their own future events. Commenting on the state of youth work today, he suggests although much hasn't changed, youth leaders do need to have hard conversations about sexual ethics with their young people, while at the same time holding the subject in healthy balance with the rest of biblical teaching. He also introduces his new book Lifelines, co-written with Andy Croft which is due out this summer and available "wherever good Christian books are sold". 

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